Quick User Guide
10 tips how to use LiveTeam app.
LiveTeam app for Android
Free download, version 2.0.4 
How to start?
1. Download app in Google Play or iStore,  use name "LiveTeam"
2. Start the app and choose a language
3. Add your phone number and e-mail (app control your phone number)
4. Add your name and choose your icon 
5. That’s it!
Compass shows direction inaccurately, what to do?

The smartphone is exposed to various magnetized objects ( magnet phone covers) and sometimes the compass is not working properly. It is recommended to calibrating the compass from time to time.

To do that open LiveTeam compass view (button is on the left bottom corner in map view ). To calibrate the compass there are a number of possibilities (see also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1EPbAapaeI ):
1. Draw each of the three sides of the device in the air three times the number “8”;
2. Turn the device on three sides, three times around its own axis;
3. Run the device in the air three times the number 8 shape.
LiveTeam takes a lot of battery power, what to do? 
LiveTeam requires a data connection to work and GPS-based positioning, which is quite a burden for your mobile phone. Here are 10 recommendations to help ensure that the mobile phone would work the whole day:
1.Turn on GPS and mobile communication only during the event. At other times turn it off.
2.Turn off other possible applications that continuously exchange data to the server (eg, e-mail, calendar, Skype, etc.).
3.View the phone screen when it is necessary. A mobile screen takes a lot of energy, and it strains the battery significantly.
4.Set the phone screen brightness as low as possible. Very high brightness of the screen is nice to look at, but it takes lots of power.
5.Set LiveTeam application data exchange intervals, depending on whether you move, or you stand. LiveTeam position reporting interval can be determined even one minute. This saves battery power. 
6.Use Power Bank. There are different sizes and allow you to charge your phone several times.
7.Use a car charger to charge your phone during longer pauses while you can.
8.Examine the acquisition of a new phone battery capacity. The higher the number, the longer the battery typically lasts.
9.Hold the phone as possibly warm. Cold battery capacity decreases very significantly.
10.Get a new battery for your phone.
Do team members have to have LiveTeam app to see their locations? 
Yes, every team member has to have installed and running the LiveTeam app on their smartphone. LiveTeam app sends team member location parameters to the server. Where information will be downloaded and shown graphically on a map. For information exchange and positioning it is necessary to activate mobile data and GPS connection. In the same manner works tracker as well. 

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