Live tracking . Communication . Custom map
Real-time tracking and communication for people and teams on the move

Where's other guys and what they doing?

LiveTeam is a smartphone application that gives a complete overview of every team member’s location on a map. LiveTeam supports custom objects and landmarks on the map, team participant’s recent track (location history) and the ability to communicate with the team directly from the tracking app.

We combine software, mobile app, web-platform for editing custom maps, and hardware devices (vehicle or animal tracking) into one complete solution. 

Friends & Family

LiveTeam is the best solution for families and friends to track each other in the terrain or urban area.


Team leader can successfully manage own team in the terrain, being faster and more efficient.

It's simple to use

Greate the event
The system generates a unique four-digit code
Share code
Share this event code with your team members
Enjoy teamwork
In the group you will see each other's locations, send messages and share locations of events
Live tracking
You can see the location of all your team members, track their movement and see where they are heading.
Actions sharing 
Create and share events on the map with your team.
Map management
Manage and plan activities in the target area by creating customised map.
Group chat 
Easly send and receive messages with-in your team. 
Quick call
Make calls directly in app. No need to switch to phone app.
Portal view
Review and analyse all team activities in the portal, so you can become even more effective next time.
Online tracking
Free live chat
Quick call
Actions sharing
Google maps (roadmap, terrain, satellite, hybrid)
Objects storing
4 .99 per month
or 19,99€ per year
Movement history
Compass view & navigation
Own specific map drawing
Access to web portal & trakings replay
Trackers & cameras integration
Team management

Try the app now ...

... and always know where everyone is and quickly share new information with team. 

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Service provider is Huntloc OÜ, Estonia (company no: 12491003)
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